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Mobile Wohnplattform "MercuryHouseOne" von Architecture and Vision

Water Drop for Living

MercuryHouseOne is an advanced concept for a mobile living pod designed by Architecture and Vision and is on exhibition during the 53rd Art Exhibition, Biennale of Venice, on the island of San Servolo. Its shape recalls the beauty and efficiency of a water drop.

Through the generous openings the compact space inside is connected to the surrounding environment. The MercuryHouseOne is characterized by a compact volume with an approximate dimension of 9 x 4.5 meters. The exterior shell is a double curved shape made out of ultralight white Carrara marble pieces with a chrome seam and large acrylic windows and openings.

The necessary power is provided by solar cells integrated in the skylights. So the unit is energetically autonomous.

The light-blue colored interior can be set up in a range of configurations to accommodate the needs of the user. Lighting, video, and sound are integrated in the habitat in order to create a unique experience inside.

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