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Threshold spaces - from the entrance to a culture of transition

We walk down the corridor to the garage, get into the car, open the garage door with the remote control and drive into the city. We open the carpark boom gate by scanning our card, drive down and park the car in the second underground level of parking and finally take the lift up to the office. Eight hours later we repeat the process in reverse and drive home. At no point in time have we actually entered our external environment. We have, instead, crossed a succession of interconnected internal zones. Although we have passed through a multitude of doors, gates and barriers, we have at no time actually registered an entrance.

This elongation of arrival, in relation to both time and space, which we experience daily, manifests itself architecturally in a profound mutation of the Entrance.


This article is taken out of the following magazine:
DETAIL 11/2004

Approaches, Entrances, Foyers

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