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Southern Cross Station in Melbourne

Melbourne’s redeveloped modal interchange is an attractive community facility, its open plaza-like design promoting connectivity and regeneration of the local area. The 216 ≈ 180 m trapezoidal roof system is geometrically highly complex, with no symmetry or repetition. Aerodynamic studies were conducted to achieve a shape that could rely mainly on natural convection for ventilation. Exhaust fumes are drawn upwards on the underside, and expelled at the highest points, where they are dispersed by the prevailing winds. Hollow Y-shaped steel columns, 6 to 16 m high, are positioned on every other platform at 40 m intervals. Bearing on these, in parallel with the tracks, is a series of wave-shaped lattice girders covered by a skylight of transparent ETFE. Resting on the girders is a grid of variously arched CHS tubes. Administrative functions are housed in raised intermittently spaced “pods”.

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