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Sidwell Friends School in Washington D.C.

The modification and expansion of the Sidwell Friends Middle School has given both teachers and pupils not only modern classrooms, but also a sustainable building, used to teach children about environmentally friendly behaviour. For example, the rearward open area has been designed as a wetlands section to recycle the wastewater from the school and also to educate the children. In addition, data on energy generation and consumption as well as water recycling and consumption can be accessed at any time via the Internet. Display screens in the corridors show the pupils details about the raw materials used, especially the most local and reusable ones, such as sections of the facade made from old wine barrels, wooden decks from Baltimore harbour or panels made from bamboo. One prefabricated wooden facade connects old and new; in the new wing, elements used from recycled cedar wood also extend in a similar fashion to the renovated upper floors. Solar chimneys, which suck up air from the northern facade, passively ventilate the new wing.

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DETAIL 9/2009

School Modernization

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