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Kindergarten in St. Martin/Eppan

The striking design for this kindergarten, which is set in a quiet housing area in Eppan, was the winning entry in a competition by invitation only. The nursery accommodates four groups and comprises four cubes in four different colours with a central entrance. These brightly coloured volumes are not just a means of identification for the children; they form the social centre of the neighbourhood. Although the groups are separated according to language – German and Italian – as is normal in Alto Adige, the areas of common use between the cubes, like the play corridors, the multi-purpose space and the outdoor realm, are subtly conducive to a process of linguistic integration. The pavilions were conceived as autonomous units and function independently of each other. Each has its own changing room and sanitary facilities on the ground floor and a space to which to retreat on the upper floor. On this level, the children also have scope to play on a small roof terrace, while they can romp around on the ground below in a large outdoor space used by everyone.

The extensive east-facing glazing allows ample daylight to enter the group rooms during the morning without causing overheating.

This low-energy project has a column-and-beam structure with steel columns and an infill of laminated-wood panels. The rear-ventilated facade consists of fibre-cement sheeting. Underfloor heating was installed in the group, recreation and rest rooms

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Konzept Nursery School

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