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Icons of Progress - High-Rise Buildings, their motivation, aesthetics and effects

That high-rise construction is experiencing a renaissance is, surely, not very surprising; not only in Asia, but also in London, Moscow, Barcelona, Vienna and Frankfurt. It is still the source of many passionate discussions in Germany in spite of, or perhaps because of, this resurgence. Advocates argue for a sophistication of the urban image with high-rise constructions representing dynamic economies; while their opponents consider the historical structure and scale of cities as being overwhelmed and destroyed, and call to attention the events of September 11th with the incalculable, associated security risks. The high-rise building is far from being an all encompassing panacea for future urban problems, that much is clear. From a global viewpoint, however, it does represent an important, perhaps essential element of the system “city”, supported not only by economic strength, but also a variety of cultural and social arguments.

It is time to accept that high-rise buildings are here to stay.


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DETAIL 9/2007

Konzept High-Rise Buildings

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