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Housing and Commercial Block in Zürich

This centrally located building combines high-quality urban dwellings with cultural amenities. Set above a café and two cinemas are 14 spacious flats. The rendered facades are in the same style as those of the neighbouring buildings, but they are contrasted in colour and have a multilayered surface. The rich yellow or red outer coat of rendering was applied over a composite system of thermal insulation and brushed in different directions from bay to bay to create a varied surface texture. Finally a unifying grey glazing coat was applied that tones down the intensity of the colours. The bold yellow of the window frames and reveals forms a striking contrast with the facade.

The dwelling layouts seek to recreate the spatial sequences of rooms found in grand buildings of the past, while the lofts are designed in an open style. Situated on the street face are the large living rooms; the smaller working spaces and bedrooms are on the courtyard side. The kitchens and bathrooms reveal a new interpretation: here, the cooking areas and bathtubs are located in internal recesses.

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DETAIL 12/2003

Plastering, Rendering and Paint

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