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House in Overijse, Belgien

The architects have built a house for themselves on a wooded slope in the small Flemish town of Overijse, south-east of Brussels. The simple, cubic structure has a façade made up of a large number of equal fields with fixed glazing and wood veneer panels with built-in opening leaves. Access is from above, to the closed narrow side of the building. A walkway links the path with the façade, which is set a little back from the slope. Visitors come to a double-walled, industrial-type folding steel door with three leaves. The right-hanad leaf in the bridge area serves as the front door. If all the leaves are opened, the entrance area on the upper floor is transformed into an inviting loggia.

This article is taken out of the following magazine:
DETAIL 11/2004

Approaches, Entrances, Foyers

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