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House in Amsterdam

Containing two dwellings with their own entrances, the house is only four metres wide and extends over a great depth. The brick facade, articulated by openings with white surrounds, establishes a link with the historical fabric. Thetwo-part windows, however, are of unusualdesign. Internally, they appear as long vertical slits that allow light to penetrate far intothe interior. Externally, they seem smaller inscale: the upper part is accentuated by a boldwhite surround, while the lower section isset back and visually less pronounced. Thedwelling on the lower floors has a small garden. Thelarger dwelling on the upper floorhas a roof terrace, access to which is viaagallery in the two-storey living room.

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DETAIL 1+2/2002

Brick and Blockwork Walls

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