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Community Centre in Ludesch

The three volumes of the community centre define a new square, which is covered with translucent photovoltaic elements. In conjunction with the existing church, school and hall, the complex provides the village of Ludesch with a genuine focus for the first time. Designed as a forum and meeting place, the centre stands in opposition to the process of individualization that is gaining ground within the village structures. Externally, the timber building is distinguished by the interplay of wood cladding and vertical louvres on the one hand and the large-area, frameless glazing and precise lines of the steel elements on the other. Set some distance from the facade, fabric sunblinds are suspended from the peripheral cantilevered roof, which also forms a good constructional form of timber protection.

Ludesch wished to create a model of sustainable construction. With its very low energy consumption, the centre complies with the passive-energy building standard. Residual thermal needs are met by a local biomass consortium. Automatic ventilation, with heat recovery and decentralized air-induction jets, ensures a high level of hygiene. A ground-water system covers any cooling needs. With an area of 350 m2, the translucent photovoltaic elements covering the square generate so much electricity that the excess can be fed into the public grid. Regional silver fir was used in the construction, and the insulation was produced from regenerable materials. The use of PVC and products containing solvents or formaldehyde was avoided. Higher costs resulting from the specification of environmentally friendly materials were reduced to 1.8 per cent of the net construction sum, which amounted to 4.6 million euro. In the external wall construction, 70/300 mm solid timber columns were used, with cellulose insulation in the wall elements and sheepswool insulation in the services layer.

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Energy-Efficient Architecture

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