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Alvéole 14 - Transforming a Submarine Bunker into a Cultural Centre in Saint-Nazaire

Almost 300 metres long, 130 metres wide and up to 19 metres high; this monumental construction accommodates a total of 14 parallel submarine chambers. These so-called Alvéoles are each divided into two sections; one 22 metre long area where workshops and storage facilities are located, and the actual submarine chamber which is 92 metres long. The concept by the Berlin architectural practice of LIN Finn Geipel + Giulia Andi is particularly remarkable for the sensitivity and respect applied by the architects in their approach to this over 60-year-old building.

The project is divided into four sections; an “international centre for new forms of art”, a “stage for contemporary music”, the assimilation of part of the roof and the development of the former minor connection way into a principle access route. Existing functions and new facilities alike are threaded along the new extended access route like beads on a string.

This article clearly explains the design and construction processes involved in the project.

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DETAIL 11/2007


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