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A Homogeneous Place of Habitation, Not a Trendy Designer Hotel

For the Louis Hotel in Munich, located directly next to the Viktualienmarkt in the heart of the city, Hild und K received the commission to renovate a former office building from the post-war years. This included a concept for a new facade as well as the entire interior of the building. They created many items of furniture - from the restaurant to the guestrooms – as well as the lighting and door handles. Yet, it didn’t result in a trendy design atmosphere, rather a timeless, elegant concept. DETAIL spoke to the architects Andreas Hild and Dionys Ottl as well as the two owners of the restaurant, Rudi Kull and the architect Albert Weinzierl, about the challenge to create an entire hotel, as well as the entire development process.

This article is taken out of the following magazine:
DETAIL 4/2010

Interiors and Lighting

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