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Rebelo de Andrade, Portugal, Casa 3000

You Can’t Miss It: Rebelo de Andrade Design Casa 3000 in Bright Red

The setting in Portugal’s Alcácer do Sal, where Rebelo de Andrade’s Casa 3000 stands, is broad and bare. Cork oaks and pines are the only reference points in the prairie-like landscape. These features are what inspired the architects from the Lisbon studio to create a landmark on the parcel of land: something that would stand out among all the green.

When visitors look at this house, they see red - literally. Rebelo de Andrade have veiled Casa 3000 from the ground up in the vivid signal colour. In contrast to the striking choice of colour, the cubatures themselves are simple and unpretentious. The new construction comprises two rectangular volumes that stand perpendicular to each other: a sharp-edged, gable-roofed house and a smaller building devoted to agriculture. The longitudinal side of the latter faces the forecourt to the north. Its shed roof, which is covered with solar collectors, leans towards the opposite side and thus ensures the greatest possible energy yields.

All the views of the house are seamlessly covered in red, vertically grooved panels. These clad not only the façades, but continue onto the roof as well. Even the window frames follow the colour and material concept. Furthermore, the windows can be closed with flaps in order to hermetically seal Casa 3000 as needed. Both buildings are optimized in terms of efficiency of cost, time and energy. They are self-sufficient and actually generate more energy than they ultimately consume.

Compared to the house’s expressive exterior views, Rebelo de Andrade have created a modest design for the interior spaces. White walls and ceilings complement warm wooden floors and fittings. Only a few touches of colour add a bit of red to the inside of Casa 3000, providing a cosy living atmosphere amid the Portuguese scenery.

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