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Student Residence in Regensburg, Behnisch Architekten, Photo: David Matthiessen

With the Colours of Nature: Student Residence in Regensburg

Listed buildings, extensive green spaces and old-growth trees make the former Nibelungen Barracks in south Regensburg an attractive residential environment. The student residence designed by Behnisch Architekten for the site offers room for 204 students in 138 single occupancy apartments, 17 double units and eight units for four occupants each. On its east side, the five-story volume keeps its distance from a large old oak tree, describing a bend where the main entrance is located along with a large outdoor stairway that leads beneath the northern, pole-supported part of the building to adjacent green areas. An inner courtyard in this section connects all storeys and provides daylight to inward-lying, brightly-coloured corridors. Windows facing the courtyard increase in size the lower they get in order to make the most of differing light conditions.

The building’s colour palette was chosen by Behnisch Architekten in allusion to the autumn foliage of the surrounding trees. While the architects took a fairly reticent approach to the colouring in the apartments, provided bathrooms made up of pre-fabricated components in sheet metal, the facades folded like a stretched accordion are more colourful in character, coming with opaque glass panels in grass green, yellow and orange. The slanted angles of the facades also provide visual privacy between the individual balcony sections without requiring additional dividing walls.

Although heat recovery is not incorporated in the ventilation system, the new residence meets the KfW Efficiency House Standard 55. The energy planers from Transsolar came up with a special idea for the heating: wire mesh tubes, i.e. heating pipes in a copper wire sheathe that acts as an additional heat exchanger. Mounted vertically next to the window frames, they are devised to pre-heat intake air particularly effectively. The heating return pipes run through the screed, with the result that about a quarter of the heat is delivered through the floors.

Further Information:

Object supervision: HW Ingenieur Consult GmbH 
HLS-Planning: Ingenieurbüro Löw 
Landscape architecture: Lichtgrün Landschaftsarchitektur 
Energy- and environmental technic: Transsolar Energietechnik
Light planning: Burnickl Ingenieure, Bartenbach GmbH

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