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Winner DETAIL Prize 2016: MPavilion, Melbourne, Australia – Sean Godsell Architects, Melbourne

Sean Godsell Architects write about their project: MPavilion 2014 was a temporary pavilion that hosted cultural events and activities located in the Queen Victoria Gardens in Melbourne. The pavilion hosted cultural events and was open free to the general public. After four months the pavilion was dismantled and relocated to its permanent home.
The brief was to design a pavilion that was adaptable enough to cater for a diversity of public events, that could be secured at night, dismantled and reassembled, and was exemplary architecture. 

MPavilion had to be autonomous – self-sufficient in operation and able to be fully secured and locked down at the end of each day. This need informed the decision to incorporate an operable facade that can be controlled remotely. This also resulted in the animation of the façade: Different configurations are available for different needs. By extending this idea to the roof, plane light and shade could also be modulated.

 The need for disassembly/reassembly meant that the entire pavilion was prefabricated: transported as a series of 2400 x 2400 pods to make up its 12.0 m x 12.0 m footprint, the pavilion was fully assembled in 72 hours. Thanks to the opportunity to make the entire roof operable as well, the screens suddenly became ‘petals’ and the analogy of the pavilion ‘blooming like a flower in the morning light and closing back down again at dusk’.

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