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Melbourne, MPavilion 2019, Glenn Murcott

Winged airiness: MPavilion 2019 in Melbourne

Every year the Naomi Milgrom Foundation organises the MPavilion event, whereby the winning project serves as a multi-purpose event centre where disciplines as disparate as architecture, design and fashion come together with science and technology. The goal is to bring about interdisciplinary collaborations and in the process stimulate future-oriented discourse.

The architect Glenn Murcutt is known far beyond his home country of Australia for his sensitive designs that respond to their surroundings. In this respect he is concerned not only with sightlines but also with climatic conditions and environmentally-friendly technologies.

Vistas of the skyline

The MPavilion 2019 accordingly provides direct vistas of the skyline and the surrounding garden landscape, offering three viewsheds made up of the green lawn in the foreground, the surrounding trees in the middle ground and the towering skyscrapers in the distance.

To enable enjoyment of the picturesque vistas from the pavilion as far as possible, its two long sides are almost completely open. The roof is supported by slender columns set a wide distance apart.

Roof in translucent fabric

The white fabric roof creates a light and airy beneath, contributing to an adaptable space suitable for all kinds of uses.  Electronically operated fabric blinds provide protection in bad weather to enable planned events to nevertheless take place. At night built-in LEDs shine through the translucent fabric surfaces of the roof, turning the pavilion into a light source visible from afar.

MP Stool: Bright red benches

Perforated steel benches act as seats that can be arranged and stacked in any fashion. Coloured a bright red, they immediately catch the eye in the white and understated pavilion. Chris Connell is attributed with their design.

Like its predecessors, the pavilion will be relocated at the end of event and find a new home elsewhere. 

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