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Photo: Cristina Beltrán

White Walls for a Painter: Living and Working in Gaucín

The renowned artist Joseba and his wife, Maria, have moved from the Basque Country to this picturesque village in the province of Málaga. The houses, which gleam in white, stand with their back to the craggy mountain landscape and overlook an idyll under the open sky. Far from the touristy coast, many different artists have settled in Gaucín to be inspired by the spectacular surroundings.
The design of the House for a Painter is based on three starting points: intensive cooperation with the clients Maria and Joseba, the attractive town of Gaucín and the immediate connection of land and view with the building itself. DTR_Studio architects have developed a house that is shaped by the jagged mountain and placed it in a white shell that plays with light and shadow, juts and recesses.
The heart of the house is the two-storey art studio on the ground floor. The daylight so vital to the artist comes primarily from a patio hewn from the mountainside and a streetside window just opposite. The white walls of the façade are continued inside the home studio to present a discreet backdrop to Joseba’s peaceful art. The bedroom forms a mezzanine, standing as a light wood construction in the middle of the room. The upper floor is home to the kitchen and a light-flooded living room. On hot afternoons, the imposing view can be enjoyed from the sofa; in the evening, it can be seen from the balcony, which takes up the entire width of the house. Three steps lead up from the kitchen to a courtyard at the back of the house. This is held by a wall that blocks the mountain. The stairway located here leads to the rooftop oasis, which invites guests to stay a while, dream and appreciate not only the pool, which is filled with ice-blue water, but the seemingly endless panorama as well.
The architects of DTR_Studio have deliberately not created anything too new here, but allowed themselves to be guided by the traditional style of Gaucín and the local play of light and shade. This is how they succeeded in creating a house for an artist in this evocative region. 
Finnished: 2015

 163 m2

Construction site management:
 Jose Miguel Vázquez, Jose María Olmedo

 Claudia Gutierrez, Alba Márquez

 Javier Sánchez Berdugo

Building company:
 Criseba S. L. Photographer: Cristina Beltrán
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