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Welcome to the new DETAIL-ONLINE.COM!

For weeks and months we have been racking our brains on how to optimise our website, examining, discussing and adopting ideas and suggestions, only to discard them in the end. We've not spared ourselves either, coming together with colleagues from various departments again and again for meetings on what the relaunched website is to look like, which functionalities it ought to have and which ones to do without. An online survey held in February provided us some starting-points in this respect, and it is with this in mind that we are relaunching DETAIL-ONLINE.COM in a new design that features:

… a modern layout based on a magazine-style concept
… a MENU button (at top left) that opens at a click for clearly-structured navigation
… larger photos and picture galleries for closer scrutiny of details
… lightning-fast search function
… a responsive design for a contemporary viewing experience on all mobile devices and large displays (with a resolution up to 5K).

And we still have a lot of ideas in mind. One of them is our new newsletter concept, due to arrive soon complete with monothematic news in fields such as architecture, construction, interior design/finishing and sustainability. In the DETAIL newsletter you will also be able to narrow down subject areas to the ones you would like to keep informed about. 

We hope you will enjoy looking round the relaunched website and discovering its new and optimised features. Please bear with us if not everything runs totally smoothly to begin with – we are still working on our homepage to make it a little better day by day. In the case of any wishes or suggestions for further improvements, or simply praise or positive feedback, please let us know by emailing us at onlinedo not copy and be happy@detaildot or no

Tanja Etzel, Head of Online
and the whole DETAIL Online Team

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We will keep you informed about international projects, news on architectural and design topics, research and current events in our newsletter.