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ADEPT, Braunstein Taphouse, Køge

Impermanent Beer Palace: Braunstein Taphouse in Køge

The 40,000-inhbitant town of Køge south of Copenhagen has a well-preserved mediaeval town centre and a large industrial and ferry port, which more or less separates the town from the Baltic Sea. The café-restaurant designed by the Copenhagen-based Adept architecture studio for a local craft beer brewery is located at a transition point between the town and port, namely on a section of quay whose future the town council itself is still undecided about – the quay actually being too low to ward off the rising sea levels predicted in future in connection with climate change. For this reason Adept designed the new two-storey building for easy dismantling of its individual parts for re-assembly elsewhere. 

The architects made use of the foundations of an old warehouse that once stood at the spot, and on top of them laid a wooden platform that is slightly higher than the foreseeable flood levels. The building’s load-bearing structure consists of massive steel frames in the A-shape that marks the building, their sloped sides covered in large, polycarbonate bar plate panels with tongue and groove joints. A photovoltaic system is installed on the flat roof at the highest point of the building.  

The restaurant is accommodated at one end of the building and the small café at the other, both behind extensively glazed gable walls. Two rooms for events are located on the upper floor. Only the exterior walls of the core section – the location of the kitchen, staircase and WCs – are clad in acetylated and thus weather-proof Accoya wood. Insulated wood-frame elements for the necessary heat protection are positioned behind these facades and the polycarbonate roofing. According to Adept, the walls have no paintwork finishing or sealed joints, and the wooden floors were produced out of waste products from a nearby flooring manufacturer.

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