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M1 stacking box system, Vario, open frame system, office

Variable Shelving System

The M1 stacking box system has been expanded by Vario to include an open frame system. This expansion is in the wake of the Vario Design Competition for young designers and architects.

Miriam Reihl, a student of interior design, designed a frame based on the M1 system with a 400 mm grid. The open shelf provides a variable system with space for the innovations of a modern working world. The individual units can be easily recombined in new ways without the need for tools. They can be fitted with shelves, drawers, filing drawers, front flaps, three base variants and cover panels. M1 can be used to create sideboard and highboard units up to four folder heights, which can be easily divided into smaller units if required. The high modularity then allows completely new constellations.

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M1 stacking box system, Vario, open frame system, office

Photo: Vario

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