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Uptown Munich

This 38-storey administration building was erected in a prominent position in close proximity to the Olympic Park, the television tower and the BMW high-rise structure in the north of Munich. With a height of 146 metres, the new development is the tallest office block in the city to date. Situated on the middle ring road, one of the main traffic arteries around Munich, it stands, significantly enough, on the edge of the inner city. In a public ballot held in 2004, namely, it was decided that no buildings more than 100 metres in height should be allowed within this area. The new high-rise block is flanked by a “campus” with four seven-storey office tracts. These are linked with each other by a curved louvred roof and glazed walls that form a protecting screen against noise. The development includes a further building, containing 139 dwellings. This ensemble is complemented by a central boulevard, with pine trees planted in the open areas. Drawn over the entire face of the tower block is a single skin of double glazing. The rounded glass corners form a distinctive feature of the development. The smooth surface of the facade is enlivened by a grid of circular ventilation elements that can be extended outwards parallel to the face of the building. When open during office hours, they form an irregular pattern over the facade. Specially developed for the present building, these motor-operated window units can be individually opened to facilitate additional natural ventilation of the offices. The solar-control facade glazing also helps to prevent undesirable overheating of the interior. In addition, an internal blind protects against glare and allows members of the staff personal control of the entry of light. The load-bearing structure, which consists of a reinforced central core in conjunction with concrete columns and floor slabs, transmits all loads down to a massive foundation slab. On the ground floor is a spacious foyer with a lift access area as well as reception and information counters. A generously designed special space at the top of the building affords a breathtaking view of the Alps, which – on a clear day – seem to be almost immediately present at eye level.
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