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Brunner Innovation Factory, Henn

Under One Roof: Innovation Centre for Furniture Maker Brunner

The new Innovation Factory stands at the southern edge of the Brunner grounds. Henn Architekten have designed the building as a simple rectangle whose façades present themselves in different ways depending on the functions carried out within the structure. While the northwest longitudinal side conveys a sense of transparency and openness with its full glazing, the other views are veiled in matt metal panels and allow views into the building only through occasional ceiling-high window bands. An enormous wooden supporting structure spans the entire edifice. The modular grid embodies the philosophy of sustainability and is in perfect harmony with the furniture manufacturer, which lays great value on functionality, quality and design.

The rectangular floor plan of the innovation centre is divided into two different areas. Offices, meeting rooms, the cafeteria and showrooms are arranged along the glazed northwest façade with various working zones. This part of the building has a gallery that opens the upper storey onto the large hall that completes the multifunctional structure, where all production steps from design and development to prototyping and assembly take place.

Inside, the architects have accentuated the duality and interaction of the individual components of the furniture company. In cooperation with the Ippolito Fleitz design studio, the hybrid building has been made open and airy with glass partitions, light curtains and diverse materials. Daylight streams through the many windows into the Innovation Factory, creating a cheerful working atmosphere in both the quieter working areas and the production hall.

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