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Tom Vack, Alex shoots buildings, Martin Argyroglo

Our Favourites: Three Stylish Stagings of Wine and Architecture

A wine hotel in Georgia, the conversion of a brewery into a wine cellar in the Czech Republic and finally the repurposing of a former hospital in France.

Light Art on Buildings: Ingo Maurer Designs Winery Hotel in Georgia

The design and production of light objects bordering on works of art as well as the design of private or public spaces are his trademark. Ingo Maurer belongs to the established circle of designers in Germany and far beyond. Through a mutual friend, he met the builder of a nobel project in Georgia in 2014. In addition to his own expert craft, lighting design and luminaire creation, he also took on the conception of the outdoor area and participated in the interior design and parts of the structural engineering design.

Manufacturer: Ingo Maurer GmbH

Products: Butterflies Dreaming, Glowing Wings und andere

Category: Beleuchtung

Project: Weingut Tsinandali

Location: Kachetien (GE)

Kurze Werbepause

A Wine Cellar in an Open Space: Repurposed Brewery by Chybik + Kristof

Round shapes stacked high - a sculpture of black wood in a whitewashed space. The jutting plinths of the sculpture, where the tables are located, are connected by stairways. The details convey the same sense of space that reigns in traditional wine cellars of South Moravia, although guests sit in the old technical room of a brewery.

Architects: Chybik + Kristof Architects
Location: Hradní 2, Znaim (CZ)


Healed Wounds: Conversion and Expansion of an Old Hospital in Meursault

Established in the 12th century as a hospital and refuge for the poor and sick, this stone building in Meursault still shows its historical structure. With a new function as a cultural centre, and an added wing, the architects have complemented and rehabilitated the old existing building, thereby gently healing the wounds that had developed over time.

Builder: Gemeinde Meursault

Architecture: Jung Architekten & Simon Buri (heritage architect)

Location: 21190 Meursault (FR), Burgund, Côte d'Or


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