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Trilux, Lighting, Underground bicycle garage

Underground bicycle garage with impressive lighting

Marco Serra has designed the underground bicycle garage underneath the Novartis Campus as a contiguous hall with a clear perimeter wall. The curtain wall made of corrugated concrete enables the user to orientate themselves through vibration and light refraction. The design language of the wave wall is continued in 16 large, round ceiling recesses, which noticeably increase the relatively low ceiling height of 2.80m in relation to the hall-like space. The large light fields are intended to create an association with skylights.

The 16 luminous "wheels" were designed and constructed by Licht Kunst Licht and then manufactured by lighting manufacturer Trilux. Using small material and light samples, the lighting effect was first tested in the office, then a 1:1 mockup was created, which was first set up in a Trilux production hall and adjusted several times with regard to joints, position of the LEDs, light colour, etc. 
Each special luminaire consists of a ring-shaped, inclined shell of white-coloured, translucent PMMA, which is divided into 12 individual segments. In addition to the requirement that the ring luminaire be insect-proof, the construction tolerances of ± 2 cm for the building shell due to its design posed a major challenge. The light source is a 120° emitting LED strip which is attached to a rear mounting plate together with the operating units and which homogeneously backlights the PMMA surface with neutral white light. Daylight- and presence-dependent lighting-control guarantees a lighting solution that ensures that a basic brightness of at least 150lx when entering the underground bicycle garage in order to ensure orientation and a feeling of safety.

The employees reach it via a ramp or two spacious staircases that connect the space with the park above. Recessed wall luminaires integrated into the concrete wall close to the ground illuminate the entrance at night. The steps of the stairwells and the surface of the ramp are uniformly illuminated thanks to the asymmetrical light distribution which excludes the walls.

The park above the bicycle garage was designed by the US landscape architects Good Form Studio from Columbus, Ohio. In the coming years, the glass roof of the pavilion will become overgrown with vines. Underneath the roof, free-radiating LED lamps are integrated via tension cables. Bollard luminaires illuminate the way through the park and the wooden deck. 

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