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Twisted Prisma - A Pneumatic Structure

All the materials used in this experimental, pneumatic structure are mass-produced industrial products, including the 1,188 m of tough, transparent polyamid tubing, normally used as mortadella skin. The structure is five metres high and consists of 33 double-skin tubular layers triangular on plan with a side length of 6m. At the corner points, the tubes are squeezed together by aluminium sections, causing the sides of the triangles to assume alight curvature once they are inflated. This, in turn, results in a shift in the corner positions when the modules are stacked, so that the overall form is that of a twisted, spiralling prism. Brass elements inserted into the tubes allow a constructional, pneumatic connection to be made, thus creating a single closed cell.
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DETAIL 8/2001

Experimental Building

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