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Transplanting Urban Fabric

How does city planning – reconstruction, new construction or demolition – change the development of a city and its inhabitants? The construction of an underground train, expansion of the city or a special event like the construction of the Olympic Games creates locations that the city and its inhabitants must adjust to with regards to space and biographical composition for the future. The project Bestandsverpflanzung takes three bungalows from the Olympic Village in Munich and transplants them to two different locations in the city that are symbolic of its expansion and current development. From the current demolition, singular concrete elements have been reused so that three bungalows can be reconstructed as standalone objects. 120 tonnes of concrete have travelled a distance of 80 kilometres in less then 10 months. Three houses have travelled from north to south and moved through 10 city neighbourhoods and two public places within the city centre. 51 concrete pieces have been dismantled three times and reassembled two times. Finally, they were destroyed once.
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