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Zürich, Barozzi Veiga, Tanzhaus

Terraces on the Banks of the Limmat: Tanzhaus Zürich

Tanzhaus Zürich, which is a centre for contemporary choreography and performance, has a new location: this arcade-like structure with trapezoidal columns on two levels replaces the machine hall of an old silk-weaving mill. Dancers used the hall for rehearsals and shows, but it burnt to its foundations in 2012.

Barozzi Veiga have nudged their replacement building for the Tanzhaus, a long structure, into the slope and set the upper level back. The top storey features a generous terrace that is connected via an exterior staircase to the riverside pathway and the rooftop garden that is like a small park at street level. From there, an elevator leads down into the building. Only the tall tower can be seen from the street; the rest of the building remains invisible from that perspective. 

A further entrance leads from the riverside path into the Tanzhaus. Visitors walk through a trapezoidal revolving door of stainless steel to enter a long, narrow reception hall with a public café. This hall extends parallel to the river over its entire length of 50 m. The long row of high windows allows daylight to fall onto the walls and ceilings of light-grey exposed concrete. Between the façade columns, clematis climbs on steel cables and acts as a natural sunshade.

Employees, dancers and audience members reach the two-storey studio stage from the foyer. It is the only room that occupies the full height of the building. The window apertures of the top level become a band of skylights here. In the adjacent rehearsal rooms, light shafts provide brightness. The indirect lighting in the dance studios prevents glare from disturbing the dancers.

This is truly an impressive home for contemporary dance in Zurich. With their terraced structure, Barozzi Veiga have upgraded the public space on the banks of the Limmat, making it a local meeting place for performers and residents alike. 

Further information:

Landscape architects: Müller Illien Landschaftsarchitekten
TGA-planning: hps energieconsulting
Walter Salm, Meier & Partner
Gerber + Partner Haustechnik

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