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Temporary Bank in Nuremberg

The “Blue Box” meets the requirements of the brief by providing a flexible, low-cost, temporary structure with a pleasant internal ambience. The modular system consists of a basic unit 3m wide and 9 m long. Three modules arecombined here to create a single structure 9?9m on plan with a room height of 2.50 m. The elements are laid on a supporting base, consisting of three beams. The wall, roof andfloor panels are in timber-frame construction with insulation. To reduce the span of theminimally sloping roof, a row of columns wasinserted along the middle of the space. Aroom-height window can be installed in everymodule, with pivoting louvres to provide sunshading. The system can also be used for exhibition or information pavilions.
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DETAIL 4/2001

Modular Systems

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