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COBE, Red Cross

Step-by-Step Encounters: Red Cross Volunteer House by COBE

The extension to the headquarters of the Red Cross in Copenhagen arose with the intention to create a space for 34,000 volunteers. At the same time, COBE have enhanced the city with a new urban meeting place.

In keeping with the philosophy of the Red Cross, the building’s attitude is open and inviting. In the summertime, meetings are held on the roof; passers-by can stop by for a short break as locals drop in for coffee as well. A tilted triangle with a stepped surface serves as the basic shape. Various routes lead from the street to the upper storey of the existing building, past planter boxes and high steps that act as seating. A new, funnel-shaped main entrance is located directly at street level.

Inside, a diverse spatial program opens up: a large auditorium with more seating steps offers a generous space for conferences and training sessions. There are separate working rooms for smaller groups. During the breaks, a café provides food and drinks. All the rooms have been done in wood and exposed concrete. Niches set into the walls can act as seating: architecture and furniture are connected here.

The new building communicates with its predecessor in many ways: the materiality and colour scheme of the bricks is a common feature. Moreover, the old structure is visible from every room of the new one.

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