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Blitz Electronic Music Club, Munich, Simon Vorhammer, Studio Knack, Conversion, Prefabrication

Soundproof surfaces: Blitz Electronic Music Club in Munich

You can stand in front of the club at night on the weekend and have no idea of what’s going on inside: there are no signs, there is no commotion and you can’t even hear any music. The entrance is only visible as a result of the queue, which gradually disappears into one of many inconspicuous doors. After passing through the vestibule and cloakroom and the side bar, one walks on a path of Solnhofen tiles into the club’s increasingly audible epicentre. Once on the dance floor guests will finally be struck by the full force of an incredibly powerful yet extremely refined sound system, which appears to double in the symmetrical, almost church-like interiors made of black steel and beech laminated veneer lumber. 

In addition to operators, architects and acoustics experts, stereo equipment fabrication specialists Void Acoustics also sat at the design table and ran through, with the help of the architects’ parametric 3D-models, various alternatives according to their aesthetic and acoustic qualities.

Soundproof surfaces
The conversion was in essence limited to the walls and floors. The latter consists of loosely laid black and comparatively soft waterproof plywood panels that are highly suitable for dancing. The lateral walls feature seating alcoves, which are located at precise distances between existing supports. What the architects developed here under the succinct working title of ‘beach chair’ is in reality a sophisticated and soundproof element that has been developed down to the very last detail.The tilted rear walls are each made of two 10 cm-thick CNC-milled beech LVL boards equipped with a pattern of rhombs of different sizes and depths that not only provide a warm timbre but also serve as diffusers that break up the sound and scatter it in all directions. 

Blitz Electronic Music Club, Munich, Simon Vorhammer, Studio Knack, Conversion, Prefabrication

Graphic: Studio Knack and Simon Vorhammer

Assembled on site from modular prefabricated parts, the ‘beach chairs’ are located a distance from the wall that matches the support column grid. The resulting open cavity is filled with cellulose insulation and serves as an additional low frequency resonator. The outcome of all these measures is a space specially optimised for electronic music, but which is also suitable for occasional readings and live concerts.
The architects’ design approach and the way they concentrated on just a few colours and materials in the manner of Jean Prouvé is applied to the space’s other distinctive elements too: the jukeboxes that generate sound waves and emotions in equal doses, the ceiling disco light that was tracked down on the internet, the beech LVL bar counter but also the mobile ACL ceiling speakers behind the DJ deck, which with their analogue light sources bathe the former theatre space in a soft warm light.
Uniform sound absorption 
The second, smaller dance floor appears in a different light: blue, red and white fluorescent tubes as well as black lacquered MDF acoustic panels with more than 10,000 organically shaped recesses make the audience feels as if they’re inside a sardine shoal.
Designed with a specially generated algorithm and manufactured using CNC-milling techniques, these panels allow for consistent sound absorption over the entire frequency spectrum through variations in the degree of perforation and thickness. Ultimately the creative and acoustic complexity of this non-repeating pattern was only possible because the architects have long been involved in developing acoustic panels for use in offices, restaurants or cinemas.
Project teams:
Room acoustics: ABP Akustikbüro Becker und Partner, Christian Becker
Building acoustics: Akustikbüro Schwartzenberger und Burkhart
Lighting design: 507nanometer, Mathias Singer
Audio system manufacturer: Void Germany, Laurin Schaffhausen, Jörg Sandmann
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