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Skywards: Church in Ålgård

The church designed by LINK arkitektur stands south of Stavanger, in the centre of Ålgård. The clever exterior fits neatly into the surrounding landscape, while the vaulted roof reflects the natural shapes found in the area. A small park separates the church from the neighbouring graveyard. 

The diverse spatial program includes a classroom, an office and a café along with the church area. The architects have designed the building so that every function has its place, yet there is a clear delimitation between the two zones. The sunken ground floor creates enough room for the additional spaces, separated from the church area and altar on the upper storey. A stairway that serves as amphitheatre-style seating during events leads visitors to the vestibule, behind which lies the actual hall and altar. Light-coloured wood on the floor and ceiling, as well as generous glazing, create a bright atmosphere. 

Another special feature of this building is the design of its roof structure. This is made of glulam beams in a grid of uniform triangles. These alternate as either open and tilted slightly upwards, or closed and fitted with LED lighting. The open elements provide natural lighting: the refraction often found in traditional vaulted church roofs is suggested here. Additional daylight penetrates the ceiling-high glass slits on both sides of the altar. Furthermore, the north façade allows indirect light into the space.

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