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Digital Planning and Construction, Simulation of Visitor Flows

Simulation of Visitor Flows

Wherever a large number of ­people move around in a confined space, planners must ­understand the way in which ­people and space interact. The Munich-based company ­accu:rate specialises in people-­flow analyses and simulation reports. Planners, building owners and project managers can already check in the planning phase whether a building – anything from an office building to an event hall – meets the subsequent requirements for use and is safe in case of eviction. Running routes are identified, ­capacities and bottlenecks are determined, level of service is proven, and procedures and ­processes are optimised. The user-oriented concept creates planning and cost security even before construction begins. Examples include a comfort study of the Grand Tower Moscow for Werner Sobek, ­visitor flow analyses for the Humboldt Forum in Berlin, and evacuation simulations for the Allianz Arena or Munich Airport.

Digital Planning and Construction, Simulation of Visitor Flows

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