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Day Care in Brittany; Atelier 56S

Simply Charming: Day Care in Brittany

The centrally located building site is right near the church. The corner parcel is bound by streets to the west and south. To the north, it abuts the existing structure. What stands out the most is the unusually long, narrow shape of the lot, which is clearly echoed in the shape of the building.

The north and south façades of the structure seem disproportionately long compared to the end faces, which appear quite restrained. A saddle roof covered with black slate completes the sleek cubature.

The transverse façades are wholly transparent. The delicate black framing profiles of a post-and-beam construction with extensive glazing offer the same degree of virtually unobstructed view on both sides. One side faces the village; the other looks to nature: for visitors, two completely opposing worlds open up.

The longitudinal views form a juxtaposition. From outside, they are massive, interacting with their surroundings by means of their red-brown granite. The narrow, long shapes of these stones break up the monolithic appearance and give the otherwise so sleek building structure and vivacity. While the north side does without openings, to the south there is a bit more movement. The façade here is divided into three sections of equal size. Set back parallel to the edge of the building, the middle area stands out with the ceiling-high glazing that marks the entrance. The two massive outer walls run obliquely towards the back, to a certain extent leading visitors into the building. As the roof area does not follow the movement of the façade, a sheltered forecourt for arrival is created.

The interior life presents itself over 350 m² as calm as the building’s outer appearance. It offers enough space for both school-based and extracurricular activities. A central core accessed directly from the entryway zones the rest of the space into two areas. These are oriented according to the transverse façades and thus to the light. Moreover, roof windows provide light from above. An elastic floor covering in blue, white walls and beige acoustic panels on the ceiling complete the design.

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