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Simple Details

The “old school” of clients, who demanded individual, customized detailing from their architects and were prepared to pay for it, are a thing of the past. How should architects respond to this? In order to produce high quality architecture in the face of impersonal, economically focused clients, architects must consider various alternatives - one of which is the implementation of industrially produced standard products like plastic window-frames and thermally insulated composite construction systems. Both a limited selection of building materials and the application of aesthetic yet functional and robust detailing - which can be carried out by unqualified construction workers - enable restricted budgets to be met and simultaneously allow a minimalist architectural language to be developed. By way of an example in Leinefelde, where panel construction row housing has been renovated to city villas, we present methods in which entrance areas can be protected from aggressive mechanical damage and how an interesting rhythmical facade can be created from standard production windows. Through “invisible” detailing, it is possible to refine the profile of plastic window frames to achieve a more filigree appearance.
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DETAIL 5/2006

Details: Sound and Cost-Effective

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