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Exposed Concrete and Oak: Modernization of the Vogelsang Gymnasium and Swimming Complex

As so often happens when buildings are modernized, the work focuses on renewing surfaces, updating the technology and achieving all current standards ranging from fire protection to energy consumption. In the case of the gymnasium and swimming complex in Basel, MET Architects’ efforts at modernizing the school’s sports facilities have paid off. The exposed concrete and large, oak-framed windows speak of the robust construction valued by the canton’s master builder, Hans Luder, when he completed the hall in 1967. Echoing the spirit of that age, a pergola-like canopy of exposed concrete guides visitors to the entrance to the two ground-floor gyms. A spacious connection area links the perpendicular halls. From here, a new elevator leads to the basement, allowing visitors barrier-free access to the swimming hall. The gyms exude a warm ambience characterized by the wooden window frames, the sanded and oak-veneered triple-layered wall panels and the new, red athletic flooring. The impression is mitigated somewhat by the rough concrete surfaces of the supports and the new grey ceiling. The roof has been insulated as well, and the old window frames have been replaced with new, lighter-coloured oak frames that perfectly convey the characteristic style of the original building.

As the halls are used by school classes, orientation is particularly important. A simple colour scheme with the entrance area in gleaming yellow and the dressing rooms in various shades of blue and green make it easier for visitors to find their way in the building. The dressing rooms, which are quite low, originally had skylights, but these had been closed off over the years. Now, open once more, they allow natural light to enter these spaces.

The renovations in the swimming hall are especially eye-catching; along with new tiles on the floor and walls, new ceilings and lighting have been installed. From the lobby, visitors on the seating steps can watch more than the aquatic activity: the large window overlooking the hall frames a view of the striking mosaic mural on the opposite wall.

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Baumanagment: Bernstein Bâtir
Elektroplanung: Eplan
Wandbild: Claudia Basel

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DETAIL 9/2021

Concept: Sports Facilities

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