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Wooden Pavilion, ETH, Pachacámac

Sheltered Working Space: A wooden Pavilion in Pachacámac

In 2015, a new museum was opened near the Pachacámac archaeological site on the coast of Peru. The director of the museum is now responsible for planning over the entire grounds. Informal residential areas on the outskirts of Lima verge on this place and are expanding quickly. This is why she invited a team from ETH Zurich and Lima’s PUCP university to think about the further development of the project and its surrounding area. This led to the idea of erecting a pavilion that would be available to archaeologists involved in working at the site for longer periods. Most of the ruins of the religious centre, which can be traced to the first settlements from approximately 200 CE, lie underground. This special place will also be a venue for cultural and pedagogical events that involve local inhabitants and give children a closer look at both the archaeologists’ work and Peru’s past. For these functions, it was important that the building offer shady outdoor areas that could be furnished as needed. Furthermore, the researchers would need locking rooms where they could safely store their finds.

Students of the two universities have erected a delicate wooden construction made of tornillo, a tropical wood. The structure is closed with bamboo cladding on its shorter sides. A woven textile often used in greenhouse construction provides shade. The lengths of fabric have been slung around the squared timbers in a lovely up-and-down pattern and fixed at the ends with staples. The floor is covered with air-dried adobe bricks or simple sand. The wooden structure fits harmoniously into the environment. Not only do the earth tones correspond with the walls of the old temples and pyramids, the strictly geometric design language corresponds to the neighbouring reconstructions of the courtyard houses of Pachacámac.

A detailed print documentation is available in our issue DETAIL 11/2019 concerning the topic "Natural Building Materials".
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