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Lanxess, Pigmented Concrete, constructions

Black Pigmented Concrete

The new warehouse building of ­a gin and whisky distillery in Finland looks as if it had been boarded up with charred wooden planks. In actual fact, it has a black-pigmented and structured concrete facade dyed with inorganic pigments from Lanxess. The building was designed by Avanto Architects from Helsinki. The outer wall consists of sandwich elements measuring 4.5 to 6 × 3 m. Precast-concrete manufacturer Tara-Element commissioned mould manufacturer Finn-Form to produce the facade elements. Rather than freshly-sawn timber, it used boards from an existing barn as a template for the facade matrices. Suitable pieces were assembled in such ­
a way that there were as few ­repetitions as possible. All loose material was removed from the barn boards. They were then ­reinforced with resin and ­converted into a negative mould, ­and finally concrete was poured into the mould. The two 1500 × 4500 mm moulds create a pattern that is repeated every 6 m. Originally, the elements were to be produced with coloured concrete and then painted darker on the construction site. However, the architects opted for the deep-black Lanxess pigment Bayferrox 360 in a dosage of 5 %.

Lanxess, Pigmented Concrete, constructions

Photo: Kuvatoimisto Kuvio

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