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Workshop, Atelier 111

Shiny shed: Workshop for agricultural machinery

Opatov, a village in the Czech Republic with about 1,000 inhabitants, has attracted a certain amount of industry over the years, and farming plays a large role in the settlement too. The Prague-based architectural practice Atelier 111 had already designed a biogas plant for the farm where White Shed now stands. As the two buildings are direct neighbours, this led the architects to re-use the white trapezoidal sheet metal cladding of the circular biogas tank for the façade of the workshop building. 

Accordingly both the gable ends and sloping surfaces of the shed’s pitched roof gleam in white. Pale sheet metal facades and large, gable-roofed halls are fairly typical of technical farm buildings these days but the shaping of White Shed indicates that it is tailor-made to the needs of its users.  A lantern-type roof light extending the length of the roof ridge admits daylight to the main space at the building’s centre, where agricultural machinery is repaired and serviced. Translucent profiled elements at the sides of the roof lantern ensure uniform natural light below, plus they mean that the steel roof trusses show through from the outside.

Amenities for the workshop employees, such as changing rooms, rest rooms and sanitary facilities, are located in the outermost parts of the White Shed, whose side walls are also clad in translucent profiled elements, this time punctuated by window glass openings. The material both reveals and conceals what is going on inside. The façade shimmers in iridescent colours depending on light conditions, while the deployed materials give the workshop a light and delicate look.

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Team: Jiří Weinzettl, Veronika Indrová
Ingenieur: Michal Hamada

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