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Villa Korup, Fören, Jan Henrik Jansen, Marshall Blecher

Shiny patina: Villa Korup by Jan Henrik Jansen and Marshall Blecher

The villa on the Danish island of Fünen has a three-legged floor plan that brings about courtyard-like spaces with differing characteristics depending on the direction they face. A sunny slope is to be found to the south, a private kitchen garden to the east and a small orchard with play area to the west. 

Open-plan concept
The villa’s flat and elongated design helps it to merge inconspicuously with the dense mixed woodland of its surroundings. The façades are articulated in a clear and rhythmic manner with floor-to-ceiling glazing that alternates with solid walls. Light-flooded and welcoming interiors are the result. The three wings of the building converge at a single point, the location of the communal area complete with living room and kitchen. The further away a room is from this focal area, the more secluded and private it is in character. Accordingly the bedrooms are situated at the outer ends of the wings.

Materials and surface treatment
Raw steel that will undergo differing changes in colour over time predominates on the facades. When the building was completed, the panels still had a shiny grey finish but will gradually gain streaks of orange until finally they turn completely brown. In the interior use has mainly been made of spruce, pretreated with soap and lye in accordance with Danish traditions and thus lending the wood a soft, resilient finish. Thanks to the house’s structure of prefabricated CLT components, it was raised in just three days.

The building was designed by Jan Henrik Jansen and Marshall Blecher working in collaboration. Both architects are currently occupied on numerous projects in Scandinavia that often make reference to traditions and link them with innovative ideas. We have already reported on a further project by Marshall Blecher and Magnus Maarbjerg: Floating Island in Copenhagen.

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