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Schüco Stahlsysteme Jansen, Access, school, steel profiles, glass

Renovated School with Glazed Break Hall

One of the oldest schools in Bavaria, Munich’s Wilhelms­gymnasium, has been renovated and extended by 1600 m2 over a three-year construction period. BPA Braun Architekten, the firm commissioned with the planning, had the building wing along the listed Maximilianstrasse demolished and rebuilt with an additional floor while retaining the original facade. The new pent roof takes up the original eaves height of the building on the street side, so that the added ­attic floor can only be seen ­from the school’s inner courtyard. There the steel and glass construction of the facade clearly stands out from the existing building. The other extensions, an underground gymnasium and the new break hall, are also characterised by a modern, clear ­architectural language.

The steel profiles of the school building are from Schüco Stahlsysteme Jansen. The break hall, which is housed in a transparent pavilion and has become the new, informal centre of the school was to enjoy as much light and air as possible. Here ­in addition to the glazed revolving doors, the architects have also included large lift and slide doors from Jansen’s Janisol ­profile system, which are 2.6 × 2.8 m in size and weigh 450 kg. The profile depth enables the ­installation of triple glazing up ­to 57 mm thick.

Kurze Werbepause

Schüco Stahlsysteme Jansen, Access, school, steel profiles, glass

All the steel profiles are from Schüco Stahlsysteme Jansen. Photo: Florian Holzherr, Gauting

Schüco Stahlsysteme Jansen, Access, school, steel profiles, glass

In fine weather, the large-format lift and slide doors allow the interior and exterior ­areas to merge, thereby creating a new amenity quality in the break area. Photo: Florian Holzherr, Gauting

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