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Remshalden, Schulz und Schulz, Rose Pavilion

Rose Pavilion in Remshalden by Schulz und Schulz

The "16 Stationen" architecture project was launched in the context of the 2019 Remstal Garden Show to underscore the commonality and diversity of the participating municipalities in the valley. Places of encounter that link the towns and communities together and yet reflect their individuality have come about as the result. One of them, the Rose Pavilion by Schulz und Schulz Architekten of Leipzig, is located at the highest point of the new public park in Remshalden, where it provides an all-round view of the landscape. Designed in the tradition of an open music pavilion, it serves as a stage, gathering place and visible landmark for the city’s garden show area.

The pentagonal floor plan dispenses with symmetrical axes, thus enhancing the light and airy feel of the structure. The construction consists of a system of reciprocal bar-shaped steel elements in which the ones that make up the roof support each other in a way that decreases their span, thus closing the roof in several rings. Along with the shorter span of each successive ring, the unchanging height of the bars means that they increase in inclination, with the result that the opening of the roof becomes larger the higher it gets. The bars also jut out at the sides into triangular shapes, with the result that roof structure also forms the roof skin. The broadening of the columns at their bases or contact points with the roof accords with the flow of forces in the structure.

Schulz und Schulz wanted the geometry of the structure to create an analogy with a rose blossom in reference to the neighbouring rose garden. From the very outset it was clear that all the landmarks would be retained once the Garden Show was over. The Rose Pavilion will now be finding use for weddings, among other things.

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Further information:

Construction management: Gemeinde Remshalden
Structural engineering: Seeberger Friedl Planungsgesellschaft mbh, Munich
Landscape architects: Prof. Schmid | Treiber | Partner, Freie Landschaftsarchitekten,-Leonberg
Building period: August 2018 till April 2019

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