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Capítulo Dos, São Paulo, Guadalajara

Reusable Architecture: Office Development by Capítulo Dos

Despite the implications of the name São Paulo, the building in question stands in Guadalajara, Mexico’s second-largest city. Since the project involves a rented office space, Capítulo Dos had to employ methods that can be quickly and easily reversed.

In order to zone the support-free space, two pavilions have been positioned; the open-plan office extends between them. This creates a sequence that starts with the reception, leads past the first pavilion and storage rooms, through the open-plan office and past the second pavilion, which has two single offices. The space ends at the building’s façade with a meeting room and another work station. These last two spaces take advantage of both the greatest degree of privacy in the office and the daylight that falls through the floor-to-ceiling glazing.

For the pavilions, the architects used massive translucent panels. In order to limit the amount of waste, the gridwork of the construction is based on the standard size of the panels. The modular building technique will also allow future growth, renovation and moves.

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