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Zinco, Green Roof, roof

Retention Green Roof

The roof garden of Soho House Amsterdam, designed by landscape architect Marnix Tavenier, stores up to 60 l of rainwater per m2 of roof surface and allows it to gradually drain off. This is made possible by the Zinco system structure Retentions-Gründach. With a root-proof roof sealing underneath, the SSM 45 storage protection mat was first laid on a partial area of 500 m², followed by the 0.60 × 0.60-m-large and 65-mm-high RSX 65 retention spacer elements. These allow an accumulation volume of up to 60 l/m². For the Soho roof this results in a calculated accumulation volume of 30,000 l of rainwater, which is discharged into the sewerage system within 48 hours. The discharge volume flow is set using the flow-rate restrictor element rings, which can be shifted up against each other.

Zinco, Green Roof, roof

Photo: Mark Veldhuizen, De Enk Groen & Golf

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