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Triflex, sealing, bitumen, foundation, renovation

Renovation of Foundations and Bases

The system is permeable, which means that the building fabric can also dry out afterwards. According to the manufacturer, this means that the building can be protected for a long service life in a single step. In addition to being suitable for use for building renovation, the waterproofing solution is also suitable for use on swimming pools and decorative fountains as well as in sensitive areas such as boilers in industrial complexes. As the system is solvent and isocyanate-free, no unpleasant odours are produced during processing. This means that the work can also be carried out at kindergartens, hospitals or in internal technical rooms. The material is weather- and UV-resistant, so that long-term sealing is possible. The expected useful life is 25 years.

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DETAIL 7+8/2019
DETAIL 7+8/2019

Architecture and Water

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