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Rendered Facades, but with what finish? Coloured, painted or Coated?

Colour is used in buildings not just for its tonal quality, but as a coating that forms part of the actual construction, protecting elements of the structure against the effects of the weather. This essay examines various coating systems applied to mineral backings. An important factor in the choice of products is the permeability or impermeability to moisture of the individual layers, a quality that should be matched to the background and reflect the exposure of the surface to weathering. In addition to traditional lime-based paints and distempers, the two main groups of products available today are silicate and dispersion paints. Silicate paints have an open-pore structure, which ensures a high degree of permeability to moisture. Dispersion paints form a continuous film-like coating and offer great resistance to weathering. Newly developed silicate dispersion paints and silicone-resin products seek to combine the advantages of both types.
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DETAIL 12/2003

Plastering, Rendering and Paint

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