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Acme, Kent, Wohnhaus

A Regional Interpretation: Bumpers Oast House in Kent

Bumpers Oast House stands in the hilly landscape of Kent, where historically tall, tower-like structures known as oasts were used to dry hops. The design prepared by the Acme studio refers to this typology: it multiplies the basic shape of a cylinder with a steep, conical roof to create a cluster comprising five modules.

Design and Distribution
The heart of the cluster is a tower whose diameter is greater than that of the others: it serves as an access core. A curved stairway leads from this area into the upper levels. The degree of privacy increases at each level; the ground floor includes communal spaces such as the kitchen, dining room and living area. On the first upper level, the large stairway ends; a gallery leads to the turrets. These represent private areas with small lounges. Narrow staircases lead to the bedrooms on the second upper level, where openings at the top allow daylight to flood the interior.
All the walls are either convex or concave. Bespoke built-ins fit perfectly into these curved spaces. The interior walls are clad primarily with wood: the lower levels feature smooth surfaces, while the walls in the roof area have overlapping plywood shingles.

A Natural Palette of Materials
Traditional oast houses feature wooden shingles on their exterior. In contrast, Bumpers Oast House uses terracotta as a colourful interpretation. The painstakingly balanced colour spectrum varies from shades of red to yellow and light-blue, creating a transition from autumnal, sylvan hues to the blue of the sky. The wooden surfaces of the interior spaces conceal a wooden sub-construction. Sufficient insulation and waterproofing fulfil the requirements for a passive-energy house.

Mecanoo’s latest building project also refers to an historical typology: the Dutch hoeve. More information about Villa Vught is available in the associated article.

Kurze Werbepause

Further information:

Civil Engineer: Akt
Building inspection: Wilkinson Construction Consultants
Environmental consultant: Etude
Contracting business: Harry Barnes

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