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Photo: Tõnu Tunnel

Reduced to the Essentials: Mountain Cabins in Norway

This architecture presents itself far from civilization. It offers travellers stripped-down accommodation, yet has everything they need after a long day’s hike. The seven small cabins are arranged around a main house, forming an aesthetic place of rest and shelter. The central building contains a kitchen and living area, designed to be open and inviting in order to enable harmonious togetherness among visitors. Moreover, the structure has sleeping areas with room for up to 30 people. On top of that, five guests can spend the night in each of the five sleeping cabins. The bathrooms and storage area are located in a separate hut.

A trip back to nature does not necessarily end on the trail. The sauna located directly on the shores of the Soddatjørn lake includes washing areas where visitors can enjoy the spectacular surroundings under the open sky. The water they need is fetched from the lake. There is no electricity here, and the cabin is heated with wood gathered in the forest. Light is generated by energy from solar panels.

The area’s unpredictable weather conditions meant that long assembly times were not possible here. Therefore, the structures are made of prefabricated container modules. The cabins function autonomously, requiring neither monitoring nor maintenance. Hikers tidy up the cabins and leave a small donation for their overnight accommodation – at their own discretion. This degree of self-sufficiency can be seen in the choice of robust materials. The façade is clad with zinc, which can withstand wind and snow for decades. Inside the cabins, wood predominates, which creates a cosy atmosphere. Every cabin has a glazed front that opens onto a panoramic view of the picturesque scenery. 

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