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Recyclable Thermal Insulation Composite System

The insulation boards are fixed to the masonry with screw-in anchors instead of adhesive mortar. This is followed by the application of the armadura base, a specially developed base coat that is applied, incorporating a separation meshcloth to the insulation board in a thickness of 8 to 12 mm. This separation layer is followed by a light reinforcing mortar with a layer thickness of 5 to 8 mm, with a reinforcing meshcloth embedded into this. The finishing coat forms the third layer. The plaster system can thus achieve a layer thickness of over 25 mm.

The combination of shear-resistant mineral wool insulation board, base plaster and separation mesh ensures that the Etic system can be completely dismantled into its components. This requires just a few steps. Once the surface has been scored into a grid, an excavator shovel can easily grip the separation fabric and remove it in strips along with the plaster surface. The steel screws can then be removed and the anchor plates cut from the dowel with a milling cutter. Finally, the mineral wool can be removed from the wall.

After separating the components, the raw materials are available for new uses: the mineral wool can be used as blow-in insulation, for example, and the plaster as an addition to mineral building materials. The glass fibre meshcloth can be reintroduced into the material cycle. The steel screws can be melted down and the plastic from the dowels can be reused, for example, for printing underlays on ETIC systems.

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