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Atelier Toiro, Hitotomori Architects, Japan

Room for Diversity: Atelier Toiro by Hitotomori Architects

The city of Ikoma lies at the foot of the eponymous mountain. Thanks to its proximity to both Osaka and Nara, it is well-situated and has been able to grow into the third-largest city in the prefecture. Atelier Toiro is just a five-minute walk from the main railway station.

Philosophy and Design
In the vision of the two founders, Atelier Toiro stands for colourful diversity; it is fitting that the name of the salon means “ten colours” or “plus colour”. Clients will get more than a new hairstyle here. Indeed, they will enter an inspiring space that attaches great value to detail. Every element of the interior design should be recognizable as a component of a larger concept. Therefore, the materials and construction are often visible.

An Industrial Material Aesthetic
In order to create the desired ambience, Hitotomori Architects have applied a unique interpretation of industrial style. Selected materials are brought together in a composition. It is clear why every element is there and what role it plays in the overall image. A vertically divided glass façade is visually connected to the space out on the street. Large shrubs grow lushly in planters and bring a bit of green into the otherwise grey surroundings. A notch cut into a countertop leaves space for a tree to rise. A simple frame of larchwood panels becomes a seating niche. Cables and other technical equipment can be seen on the high ceiling, which has deliberately been left exposed.

Spatial Organization
In the floor plan, the space is dominated by a large, open area that leads from the reception to the individual styling stations. Translucent curtains form a loose barrier to the washing zone. While the furniture for clients features quite extravagant design, the fittings required by employees are more modest. To save space, the cupboards have been accommodated in small niches. The rest − the office, lockers and toilets − is hidden behind the reception area in the smallest space.

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