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OFIS, Modular Living Unit, Ljubljana

Rapunzel‘s Dream: Modular Living Unit by OFIS

The intention behind the design was to create an autonomous building out of wood that could be erected in a wide variety of landscapes and under a variety of climatic conditions. The result is a cubic-based module measuring 4.5 x 2.5 x 2.7 metres. Two sides feature pyramidical juts; the one in front appears to be more prominent than the rear-facing one. The truncated tips of the pyramids are fully glazed.

This construction consists of wooden frameworks reinforced by plywood sheeting on both sides. The execution was inspired by artisanal Slovene customs and traditional carpentry work. Thanks to its dimensions, the module is easy to transport and can be delivered in assembled form. Simple steel anchors or concrete blocks suffice as a foundation to which the structure can be fixed.

Just one of the units, furnished with a kitchen, bathroom, bed and seating, could function as a weekend retreat, treehouse or temporary study. However, in this particular case the architects decided to stack the Living Units three high. The middle module has been rotated 180⁰ in order to create a more varied cubature.

The unusual tower stands near the fortress in Ljubljana, where it served as a public library last summer. Each level offered books on diverse subjects. Visitors were invited to test the functionality of the Living Unit on all three levels.
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